"Could It Really Be Possible
After All Your MLM Training And Doing
Everything You Were Told
That Your Network Marketing Business...
The One Business In The World
You Are Determined To Have Success...
Will Still Become Just ANOTHER Failure
In Your Life ...While Your Family Secretly
Makes Fun Of You Behind Your Back?"

Mike Lewitz Teaches You MLM Training Secrets To Put A ROCKET Under Your MLM Business

Sadly, the answer is YES... but it's NOT because you're not
trying hard enough... or because your "warm market" is too small or
you don't know enough people... or even because you're not spending
enough money on 'quality' leads.  Read on to discover the
reason why the vast majority of MLM distributors
still end up unhappy, frustrated, and BROKE
with very little to show for their hard work,
buried under a mountain of credit card
debt no matter how hard they try...

...and find out how your top
leaders add 20, 30 or even more people
into their MLM business every single week
WITHOUT ever making a list, talking to their friends and family,
doing home-parties, or wasting a single penny on those
worthless "opportunity-seeker" leads.

From The Desk Of:  Mike Lewitz

Date:  Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Subject: MLM Training: The Art & Science of Marketing



Dear Friend and Fellow Network Marketer,

My name is Mike Lewitz and I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona USA.  In case you've never heard of me, I'm a certified International marketer and have become one of the world's leading experts on MLM and network marketing.

But, it wasn't always that way for me.

You see, years ago, back when I first learned the truth about my MLM business opportunity, I was actually INSULTED (and depressed -almost to tears) - especially after all the "supposed" networker training.  I discovered the leaders in the MLM and network marketing industry aren't exactly teaching how to make YOU successful, only how to make THEM and the company successful...

I'm here to tell you... you MUST understand when I say:  Your failure is NOT your fault.


Believe it or not, I know WHY you're SO FRUSTRATED in your MLM business opportunity.

Who can blame you?

After all your hard work and the money you've invested learning how to work your networking business... you STILL don't earn that $5,000 a month!  Heck, at this point, you'd probably settle for an extra $5,000 a YEAR, right?!  You probably thought you'd have a LOT more distributors in your MLM business by now, didn't you?  And you probably thought you'd have your basement full of MLM leads from your MLM web site.  ...Sure you did.

It Was The 'PERFECT' Business Opportunity... right?

When you first joined your MLM business as an Independent Distributor, you couldn't sleep at night because you were so excited!  Your sponsor told you to make a list of 50 to 100 friends and family and hand out brochures, CD's and DVD's to everyone within 3 feet of you and send them to a web site, have a home party every week ...I'll bet you've put 100's of fliers everywhere... and your sponsor promised you they'd help you with your MLM training and close the first few into your downline for you... "just get them on the phone and do a 3-way with me and I'll talk to them!"

You probably got your very own web site with the full back office so you could "manage your business easier," maybe even ordered some fancy business cards - after all...you gotta look professional, memorized the entire compensation plan, and you know it's ONLY a matter of time before you go down to the dealership to plop down a thick wad of cash on that hot new sports car you've had your eye on for so long... saying the words...
"No thanks, Mr. Car Salesman.  I won't need financing... I'm paying cash!"  (And, I won't even MENTION the "dream house.")

Maybe you even thought you'd get a head start and bought some "bargain" opportunity MLM leads.  (Oh, and let me guess... they had a special 'deal' going on for biz-op MLM leads...just for YOU! -today only, right?)

Do I Have Your ATTENTION Yet About MLM ?!?

Look, this is BIG business.  You gotta wake up to reality to make money in the MLM game...

Hey, I know you didn't come here today to have your dreams of making big money in MLM flushd down the toilet.  But, let's face it... we BOTH know I've hit a few of your sensitive buttons.  (I've had people call me in TEARS because they know I'm speaking pure truth.)

In fact, in accordance with US Federal law requirements, publically available documents from ANY MLM company state that well over 85% of all of their income-earning ditributors earn less than $2,000 per YEAR (only for those who actually GET any income at all -that does NOT include those who NEVER make a single penny).

Uh, that's FAR below poverty level in my country.

Go ahead ...I DARE YOU to check the facts for yourself!

You came here today because deep down your gut is telling you that somebody, somewhere knows what REALLY works for HUGE MLM business growth and and you're looking for some straight answers from someone who's been there.  After all, SOME people are genuinely making LOTS of money in network marketing.

...so why not YOU ?!?

Back Then: Where My MLM Success Story Began...

A small newspaper ad (I thought was a job offer) was how I first discovered network marketing many years ago.  When I first met up at that McDonald's with the guy who would become my sponsor, he proceeded to ask me questions like "Do you know a lot of people?" and "Are you interested in making a lot of money?" and "When do you want to retire?" ...that sort of thing, and told me about this great product from this amazingt company I never heard of.

Back then, I got really impressed when he threw around fancy words like 'critical mass' and 'momentum' and talked about how this company was 'perfectly positioned' and the 'critical timing' and the opportunity for massive growth and I needed to act right now if I wanted to be a part of it ...and -of course I wanted it...I wasn't stupid.

He said all I had to do was buy a case of the product (remember- this was back before 'auto-ship' and the Internet), make a list of 50 people that I knew, sell the products to just a few people on that list (should be easy for such a great product - he said, "the product sells itself - just get people to try it"), and then just get 2 or 3 people to talk with him, and he would help me sponsor them.

Well, you can imagine how excited I got when he explained how easy it was.  He seemed to be doing pretty well and since I was only 18 years old at the time, who was I to question him - I certainly didn't know anything about marketing, but I was a pretty sharp kid and everything he said made perfect sense.

...So I jumped in.

MLM 'Not-So' Success Story...

Well, it eventually ended with LOTS of credit card debt and I was frustrated, confused, and felt like I was a failure.  I made excuses and told other people (and myself) that I just wasn't working it work hard enough... and totally envious (dare I admit...maybe even a little resentful?) of the people who were making huge money while I just clapped for them as they walked across the stage every time.

So much for a success story, huh?  Sound anything like YOUR MLM success story?


Over the years of trying to make something ...anything... of each MLM business I tried, I did everything my upline leaders said to do ...but I just got more credit card debt going to fancy conventions, MLM training, buying flyers, expensive opt-in MLM leads, and those "turn-key" web sites that generated lots of monthly fees, but never a huge downline.

I've put out so many fliers in malls, on cars, and at the community colleges, even a super-computer couldn't count them all.

Once I had this brilliant idea and put fliers all around my huge apartment complex inviting people to come to my 'home party,' thinking, "Wow - what a great idea.  Somebody will come for sure!  This is going to be great!"  I was so excited.


...I sat alone in my tiny studio apartment that evening eating a whole box of those damned, 'super-healthy nutrition bars' ...in tears, because I couldn't afford to go to the store to buy 'regular food.'

By 2005, I lost my marriage, filed bankruptcy for $75,000.00 (all consumer debt -no home), and was only a few dollars away from homeless.  Severe depression was a routine.

This was nowhere near the path I was assured I would be walking.  It's not like I didn't work very hard.

Does any of this sound even REMOTELY familiar in YOUR MLM company?

"Do YOU Tell Yourself:
'I'm Just Not Working It Hard Enough'...?"

My upline would tell me to just keep doing the same thing.  "Stick to the system," he'd say.  I've been laughed at so many times, I probably could've made more money as a comedian.

Eventually, I started noticing a few things ...while the top leaders in my MLM company upline were on stage telling me to do one thing, THEY seemed to be doing things DIFFERENT.


So, I started paying a little closer attention and asked myself things like:

Where were THEIR friends and family?  What about THEIR 3-foot circle?  Their web sites were different -VERY different than the one the company gave me.  Plus, they weren't putting out fliers or inviting people over to their homes.  And, even if they sponsored EVERY single person on their list of 100 people (which would be impossible), where did they get all those 100's and 1000's of OTHER people?!

And if the web site they sold me was really so great and going to build my business and "all I had to do" was drive traffic to it (like they told me), why didn't the company just do it for themselves... and what would they pay ME for?  (and, of course, the web side didn't perform like they said it would - which was probably why they didn't use it themselves.  Hmmm...)

Have you experienced this sort of "MLM training" with your MLM company?

When I started using my brain, things just didn't seem to add up like they did back when I was 18.


Then, out of the blue, I got a phone call one day that completely changed my life forever, both personally and financially, that let me in on the insider secrets of real marketing principles.  Let me tell you, I learned some AMAZING thing about the MLM industry and marketing...

I learned there's an Art and Science of Marketing ...and MOST people know NOTHING about marketing


The BIGGEST thing I learned was:

My Failure In MLM Was NOT MY FAULT!

Apparently, even though the MLM leaders in my MLM company were teaching me what to do, they were not teaching me what THEY were doing.

For example, I discovered thre was actually NO way I could ever become successful chasing people down and talking to them one-on-one, because I needed to meet (and give my full 'pitch' to) over 30 NEW people every single day, 365 days a year ...for YEARS.

Mathematically, this was impossible, even if I lived to be 400 years old.

I guess they forgot to mention that on all those MLM training calls or those expensive annual conventions I attended.

Hmmm...  Maybe that's why (as I later discovered), statistically, over 95% of every person in every MLM and network marketing businesses opportunity earn an average of only $110 per year?  Mathematically, that means, for every person who earns about $600 a year, about 4 more people are earning exactly ZERO.  This is published MLM industry data and varies only slightly from one company to the next.

Crital Mass?       Perfectly Positioned?       Timing?

Momentum Phase?     Duplication?

...these fancy words have NOTHING to do with
YOUR success in your MLM company.  Zip.  Nadda.  Zero...

If "DUPLICATION" actually worked, everyone in the world would be an Amway distributor and you wouldn't be here right now.

So, I realized that I needed to learn how to attract people to ME ...and LOTS of them - THIS was the key, and it's exactly how the top 1% were doing it!  (Apparently, most people have NO clue how to do this.)  So, the only way to earn 7 or even 6-figures in network marketing (or any business for that matter), I had to learn how to attract people to me by 20, 30, even 50 or more NEW people every single DAY asking me about my business.  That's the ONLY way to reach enough people in a short period of time.

At first, I didn't have a clue how to attract distributors to me.  I didn't even think it was actually possible.

"Attract people to ME about MY opportunity??  Yeah, right..."

I said, "C'mon -get real."

Yes, it took me a while to learn how to successfully attract people (it's not so easy at first), but, now, I NEVER bug my friends and family, or say to a waitress, "Hey, I've got an opportunity I'd like to show you..."  Blah!  I only use my list of friends and family for Christmas cards.  And, I stopped buying those expensive "magic" MLM opportunity leads.  Besides, all they ever say is, "How much does it cost?" and hang up.  (...and I haven't been to a hotel meeting in YEARS).

People are calling me!!  Think I'm lying?  Consider this scenario:
When was the last time someone from Pepsi called you up and said, "Hey, Mike, I got this new drink I'd like you to try!"  NEVER!  ...you went to the store and tried it yourself.

Your MLM business opportunity works EXACTLY the same way!  Understand and master these concepts using the Art & Science of Marketing (just like Pepsi, McDonald's, Microsoft, and many other giants) and I GUARANTEE you will be sipping mai tai's in the Caribbean along with Bill Gates (and the other top Independent Distributors in your MLM opportunity), I PROMISE!!

Despite all the gloom and doom I've shown, making 6-figures in Networking Marketing your first year is VERY realistic, but ONLY when you understand and APPLY the principles of PROVEN marketing techniques!

...And for Heaven's sake, please STOP trying to recruit your friends & family!  PLEASE!!!  It DOESN'T work!

Begging and trying to 'convince' people is NOT the way to grow your MLM business or MLM downline (or ANY business).  Wal-Mart doesn't BEG people to shop with them or pass out flyers.  They ATTRACT people to shop with them.  So why are you begging people and trying to 'convince' them to do business with you and passing out MLM flyers?!  With the proper MLM training (like I received), you can learn how to ATTRACT people TO you, too.

(I know what you're thinking...and, NO, it's not different.  It's the same exact principle in your MLM business and it's how your leaders are hugely successful.  You must get very clear on this like I had to.)

These MLM Techniques Are Outlined In Your MLM Industry Secrets F R E E Report Compiled For You...
To Help You Build Your MLM Downline Like Crazy.


"FINALLY, It's YOUR turn To Make Money In MLM!"

Because of the turbo-charged information contained in this Report, I now have people who want to join my MLM business before I ever even make contact with them.  Listen, your upline DOES NOT want you to have your hands on this life-changing information (this will make more sense when you read it).  It's time to make money with a nice MLM downline.

There's over 30 years of marketing experience and expertise.  This report has helped to generate more than $20 MILLION DOLLARS in less than 5 years!!

Your Sneak Peek Of What You Can Expect:

  1. Find out why the recruiting techniques taught by almost every upline leader in even the top MLM businesses will NEVER work over 90% of the time.
  2. Discover 3 TOP SECRETS why 3-way calling and working your "warm market" list will lead you to the +95% failure rate in the Network Marketing and MLM industry.  (...And SECRETLY USE this confidential information to EASILY rise you to the top of your Network Marketing home business.)
  3. Learn the single most important ingredient that's essential to your MLM business opportunity (and currently missing) that can have you adding distributors to your downline faster than a greyhound on steroids!
  4. You will realize that you AREN'T crazy, and success IS out there for ANYONE who wants to make money in MLM and work from home as an MLM independent distributor so you can write your own MLM success story!

PLUS: Many MLM Success "MYTHS" Are EXPOSED Such As...

You are NOT going to get information like this from your company.

Don't get confused.  These MLM training techniques actually DO work very well for a VERY SMALL percentage of people in the MLM industry (like, about .08% -yes, that's POINT zero eight).

...and not for ME, or the documented 99.4% of Network Marketers that eventually fail.  These tactics work for "the COMPANY" and their "BIG DOG" MLM distributors... you know, the ones on stage and in the limelight?

The Leaders In Your MLM Will Never Tell You The TRUTH About Exactly How They Got To The Top

Sure, they'll inspire you, encourage you, and even do what they can ...but 9 times out of 10, they won't teach you how to build your business the EXACT same way they built theirs.


  1. They came into this business from another company and already had a "book of clients" or a down-line and they just swung them over.
  2. This happens ALL THE TIME!!!  Open any MLM company-specific magazine and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.  BAM!  ...Out of nowhere this person just appears with their picture at the top of the list.

    Do YOU have a downline already of thousands of people?  NO?  Well then you can scratch that strategy off your list.

  3. They are absolutely terrified to teach you what they REALLY did to grow their business because it would expose the fact that they are using YOU to line thier pockets.
  4. What you're being taught is manual grunt work marketing that makes them money ...NOT you.  If you get wise, they wouldn't have their happy worker-bee putting them in profit every month.


Ask the "Top Money Earner" who they used for 3-way calls when he got started.  ...did he call the CEO with EVERY new prospect they had?

No, he didn't.

Am I saying that the MLM companies and BIG DOG networkers are evil and lying?  No, of course not - some of the nicest people that I've ever known are in the MLM business.  However, they have a business to run, and that is getting lots of products into the hands of consumers.  To be successful and make money in MLM, you must get the proper MLM training, and learn true and PROVEN principles of the Art and Science of Marketing... and you're NOT going to receive that from your company - just plain and simple.

Anyway... you'll read all about it in your FREE Report.

This report is documented and PROVEN to have helped many make money in MLM training with...

Tahitian Noni  •  Arbonne International  •  Herbalife  •  BioPro  •  Amway  •  Jafra  •  Fruta Vida  • Prepaid Legal  •  Nikken  •  Shaklee  •  New Quest  •  Ameriplan  •  Mary Kay  •  Health Thru Nutrition  •  Mannatech  •  Usana  •  Melaleuca  •  Take Shape  •  Legacy  •  Watkins  •  World Financial Group  •  DHS Club  •  Fuel Freedom International  •  Body Wise  •  Vitamark  •  Ignite  •  Limu Company  •  SMC  •  Natural Body Care  •  Xango  •  Xooma Mai  • ACN  •  Pharmanex  •  Life Force  •  Goji  •  MonaVie

(...and countless other network marketing companies I don't have space to mention here...)

You Need Serious MLM Training... But, Will You Do It "Someday?"

'Someday' is the battle cry of the week.  When you say 'someday,' you're saying: "I don't want to put myself out right now."  ...So, then, WHEN do you want to put yourself out to start making serious money and stop working for someone else and get out of the rat race and for how much longer do you want to continue doing all the things that will NEVER work to make you successful in your MLM business?

Let's face it, when you know what you're doing, making 6-figures your first year in network marketing isn't that hard.  This isn't 'get-rich' hype, it's FACT.  That may seem like a lot of money to you, but $100,000 is barely scraping by to a 'real' business.  Start thinking like a REAL business, because MLM is a REAL business.

So, if you won't or didn't make at LEAST $100,000 your first year in MLM, wake up because YOU ARE DOING EVERYTHING ALL WRONG!

STOP Wasting Time Researching MLM 'Tricks'

Ever notice how the people who gotta 'research' everything or 'think about it' are always BROKE?
(There's a proven connection, but I won't go into it now.)

And STOP trying to figure out the 'tricks' or 'how to approach strangers' or talk to and 'CONVINCE people' to join your MLM business.  That is the road to failure.  (It hasn't worked well yet, right?)

Learn to work your MLM business the RIGHT way.

Just learn proven marketing principles.  THAT is the 'trick' to MLM success.


Here's the deal... I truly have a passion for helping others and sharing information that has changed MANY lives and helped many families, but... unfortunately, there is NO "quick fix" or a "magic" MLM lead that will compel perfect strangers to suddenly join you in your business just because you called or have some clever message on your voicemail that says something like "Thanks for responding to our national advertising campaign..."  (and, seriously, if you have one of these messages, PLEASE ERASE IT NOW, and if your upline told you to put it there, send them to this web site).

Since I'm only ONE person, I simply do not have the time to help every Distributor that asks for help with MLM training.  So, I'm VERY selective who I work with - I only work with those who are deserving of my time.  Maybe the time is right for you... maybe it's not.  But, I only work with those who I feel are SERIOUS about their networker training and turbocharging their business and have decided to make money NOW.

If you are somebody who has to "think about it"... then you haven't decided to make money now.  Please don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.

WARNING:  This powerful information of PROVEN marketing concepts is NOT for the "hobby" Network Marketer, eternal pessimist, or curiosity seekers wanting to make a couple extra bucks on the weekend.  It WILL require SEROUS, consistent effort and time into learning and applying time-tested abstract concepts.

"Would You Love To REALLY Believe In Yourself?"

Will you grasp all the concepts the 1st night?  Probably not even in the first week.  So, my personal contact information is in the FREE report.  My time is very valuable.  I can only help 10 new people at a time to MASTER their MLM business opportunity with proper MLM training and write their MLM success stories.  YOU can be one ONLY if YOU  possess ALL 3 of the KEY INGREDIENTS that anyone who is SERIOUS (not curious) about paying off that 2nd mortgage and making a +6-figure income from home with Network Marketing in the next 12 months must possess (they're in the FREE Report).

Making 6-figures in your first year in MLM and Network Marketing is VERY realistic ...IF you understand the Art & Science of Marketing.  But, once my 10 MLM training slots are filled, I do not have time for anyone else.  If you're number 11, I apologize in advance, try me again in a few weeks.  So, fill out the form below RIGHT NOW to get your FREE copy today while it's still free, as my peer group is encouraging me to put a price on this info.

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