Automatic Downline Builders …Seriously???

Automated systems for building your downline.  Ah, yes…right up there with the tooth fairy, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.

The only difference in all of these is most of them have some kind of evidence they exist (money appears under your pillow the next morning, Christmas presents appear under the tree, and kids scouring for Easter eggs and candy).

But online systems that claim to be able to “build it for you” are only being sold by people who stand to profit from selling them.

Think About It…

If there was actually a system or some kind of a method out there that could automatically attract people to some kind of offer to the point that people would sign up and buy the product or service without any kind of human interaction whatsoever …then, why doesn’t your company acquire it and use it?

And what would they need YOU for?

Sure, you can generate dozens …even hundreds… of leads online in a single day in a completely automated, hands-off method (yes, I’ve personally done it).

As well, you can also generate 6-figures of income online with very little interaction with people (yes, I’ve personally done that, too).

But I couldn’t do it just by sitting on the beach just watching my bank accounts.


Think about the total of all the commissions paid out by your company to distributors…from the top dogs to the people earning a couple bucks here and there.

If you were the owner or CEO of a multi-million dollar or billion dollar company and you could go out and buy or develop a system or hire some amazing copywriter to create the most effective lead-capture page and auto-responder emails that made people automatically buy your product month after month with zero interaction or any other effort…you’d save the company millions in revenue and your stock price (assuming you were publicly owned) or the net worth of your company would skyrocket.

If it cost a million dollars, the ROI would certainly be there and companies would be all over it.

However, it doesn’t exist.

So, until then, if you’re going to make money in MLM and network marketing, you’re going to have to learn the art and science of marketing.

After all, being in this industry… you only get paid for MARKETING.

Become an expert in marketing principles that get results and you will ALWAYS be able to write your own paycheck.

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  1. You’re right, learning the art and science of network marketing and MLM is the key. This helps you to jumpstart to your venture while learning along the way. You need to have a clear cut goal and determination to help you push against obstacles in your success.

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