The Problem With The ‘Friends And Family’ Approach

Ah…the classic “make a list of 50 (or 100) of your friends and family” strategy. This is what we’ve all been told about how to properly grow your business by the leaders of the company and your upline. After all…why would they tell you different? Your success … Read More

Automatic Downline Builders …Seriously???

Automated systems for building your downline.  Ah, yes…right up there with the tooth fairy, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. The only difference in all of these is most of them have some kind of evidence they exist (money appears under your pillow the next morning, Christmas … Read More

Business Opportunity Lead: Myth Or Goldmine?

Ahh… the famous Business Opportunity Lead.  Business Opportunity Seekers.  That elusive fountain of people who are quietly sitting by the phone …waiting ANXIOUSLY with their credit card in hand… to join the fabulous business opportunity we have to bestow upon them that will change their lives forever. … Read More

How To Sell PrePaid Legal …The Right Way

This is the proper model to sell Prepaid Legal. Trying to recruit everyone you meet is inefficient and doesn’t work. Use these marketing tactics to achieve faster results.

Your MLM Upline Is Not Your Boss

Do you feel some kind of an ‘obligation’ to do what your upline tells you? Don’t. In your business, it’s exactly that …YOUR business.

MLM ‘Company Web Site’ Myth

If your MLM company-replicated web site you’re paying for, month after month, was TRULY intended for, and had the ability to, grow your MLM business, why doesn’t the company just use it themselves …and what would they need YOU for? Are YOU an Internet professional?

Duplication MLM Myth

Do you believe in the mlm duplication fairy tale? This article exposes the MLM business ‘duplication’ model and why we’re not all Amway distributors relaxing on our private islands.