MLM ‘Company Web Site’ Myth

We’ve all heard the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’

While it may by cliche’ …diversification is an important component of any business model. The more income streams a business has, the better off the company is likely to become.

MLM companies are businesses just like any other. Thus, they follow the same rules. Basically, a ‘product’ is anything the company produces that generates revenue. As such, the ‘company web site’ is just another source of revenue.


If it were REALLY possible to build a successful MLM business by driving Internet traffic to the web site your MLM company sold you, why wouldn’t your MLM company just do that themselves?

…and then what in the world would they need YOU for?!?

Are YOU an Internet professional? Because…there actually are people who do that sort of thing, you know.

Despite what most MLM companies teach distributors about the web site they receive when signing up -being an MLM tool, the main purpose of the MLM business opportunity web site is NOT to grow the business. To use an old sales term I learned a long time ago… the REAL purpose of that web site is to ‘tuck in the sale.’

Allow me to illustrate exactly what I mean.

Each MLM business opportunity must not only recruit large numbers of people to buy and sell their products and services, but they must also KEEP those large numbers purchasing month after month …or, naturally, the company will fail. The web site that the MLM company sells to it’s distributors (anywhere from $9.99 to $29.99 per month) is designed to make the existing distributors view it and be ‘impressed’ with its fancy flash videos and spectacular graphics. They watch the cool videos and think, “Wow! This is a great site and a great company. I feel so good here. I’m in the right place!”

These company-replicated web sites have ZERO marketing merit.

Marketing is about being unique and different. Standing out from the crowd.

How is it possible to ‘stand out from the crowd’ when everyone in the crowd is doing exactly the same thing? Or, in other words…has the same web site?

They can’t.

Which is precisely why every MLM company-replicated web site (which costs the company literally NOTHING to operate and host) is simply NOT designed to grow a business. It’s meant to ‘maintain’ the existing business.

The ONLY way anyone can become successful in marketing on the Internet (or any other media, for that matter) is to create a unique message that catches your prospect’s attention with something they’ve never seen before.

Create your own customized web site that addresses the value and benefits of your product or service, based on what your prospect wants, not what YOU think is great.

It’s not about you.  It’s about them.

Mike Lewitz
Phoenix, AZ USA

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Mike Lewitz is a professional marketer and international speaker who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the globe create abundance in their business through practical, proven marketing techniques. Mike holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Phoenix and is currently working on an MBA at Western International University.

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2 Replies to “MLM ‘Company Web Site’ Myth”

  1. I appreciate your honesty about MLMs and I suppose I am one of the gullible ones that get sucked into such deals. All I want to do is make an honest living for me and my wife and so far we have invested money that we really don’t have and we haven’t gotten anywhere. I have done everything that my mentors have instructed me to do but to no avail. I’m almost ready to give up on mankind itself since I don’t know who I can trust or believe anymore. I pray your training will change my way of thinking and get us headed in the right direction.

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