Business Opportunity Lead: Myth Or Goldmine?

Ahh… the famous Business Opportunity Lead.  Business Opportunity Seekers.  That elusive fountain of people who are quietly sitting by the phone …waiting ANXIOUSLY with their credit card in hand… to join the fabulous business opportunity we have to bestow upon them that will change their lives forever.

The moment we contact them, they’re going to sigh with gratitude, fighting back the tears of joy, prepared to  finally begin their life-changing journey and live happily ever after.

While, of course, this isn’t the case with every person on the list, certainly there must be one or two who will clearly see what a phenomenal opportunity we’re presenting to them, since we’re the only person who’s contacted them because we paid extra for the “freshest” leads available.  It’s a no-brainer.

…right?  Isn’t it?  Hello?

Ask yourself one important question:
Can you name a single person on the face of the planet who is NOT looking to make more money?

No, you can’t.  Why?

Because everyone is looking for an opportunity to make more money …Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, that homeless guy near the freeway… yes, everyone.

There are couple aspects that most people who seek these types of leads never consider.

First: A lead is not something that just arrived from outer space and made first contact with Earth.  A lead is the contact information of a living person.  Given this fact, we can extrapolate some statistical probabilities: they probably have an IQ of around 100, since by definition that’s the average …they are at least slightly overweight (we could add a dozen items, but you get the point) …and if they’re at least 18 years old, they’ve been pitched dozens of business opportunities.  There are no “fresh” leads in the magical land of business opportunity seekers.  Sorry.

Want fresh leads of people looking for an opportunity to make more money?  Open your local White Pages, scan it into a database, scrub it against the Do Not Call registry, and dial the remaining 370,000 leads.  Believe me, without a doubt, EVERY person on that list is looking for an opportunity to make more money …especially in this economy.

(Hopefully you can detect the sarcasm and absurdity of my suggestion.  Do not actually do this.  Read on…)

Second: Exactly WHO are these people and how did they get on this list?   There are over 2 BILLION web pages pledging the perfect opportunity for endless wealth.  Now, granted, they’re not all legit, but the mere idea that someone has the mindset of filling out a form to an unknown entity on the Internet because they cannot locate a business opportunity elsewhere provides me concerns on several levels, mainly that they can’t afford the $97 investment for what they found.  Don’t be surprised when they can’t afford yours.

Ask anyone who’s name is on one of these lists …they’ll tell you they deeply regret filling out that form.  Lead brokers sell these lists over and over again.  Literally within minutes of clicking submit, these people are called relentlessly for months by overzealous and inexperienced callers who believe they’re the first to call.

A business opportunity seeker lead should be more appropriately named: Saw an ad claiming to earn $10,000 per month, has no money and doesn’t want to work, but has to do something because their weekly lottery investment isn’t panning out.

Think about it.

Never buy leads for your business based on the opportunity to make money.  It doesn’t make sense and the people who are very successful aren’t doing this.

Instead, look for leads of people who are highly likely to have a genuine interest in your product or service.  If you sell high quality health products, look for leads of people who are highly likely to purchase high quality health products.  For example, maybe a list of gym memberships and live in an upscale zip code.  When they fall in love with the product, many will naturally want to do the business because they truly believe in the product.

Rest assured, the only people making good money from business opportunity seeking leads are the people selling them.

Mike Lewitz
Phoenix, AZ USA

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Mike Lewitz is a professional marketer and international speaker who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the globe create abundance in their business through practical, proven marketing techniques. Mike holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Phoenix and is currently working on an MBA at Western International University.

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  1. Never buy leads for your business based on the opportunity to make money. It doesn’t make sense and the people who are very successful aren’t doing this.

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