How To Sell PrePaid Legal …The Right Way

The biggest mistake I see that most PrePaid Legal Associates make (and pretty much everyone else in network marketing) is chasing after just anyone who will listen and trying to recruit them …mostly because it’s instinct and it’s what your upline says to do.  You waste too much time and never get anywhere, then drop out thinking it was a bad deal.  To write your Prepaid Legal success story, you must approach it with some sense.  This is not a job where you simply go do what someone else says to do.  This is a business and the game is marketing.  It requires thinking out of the box.

Yes, everyone COULD benefit from PrePaid Legal Services, but wrap your mind around the fact that MOST people will never buy.

Your best bet is to narrow your focus as much as possible.  Figure out the group of people who are most likely to buy, a smaller group who feel they’re at high risk, such as small business owners, for example.

Consider: Does an Internet marketer selling information products feel they’re at high risk?  Likely not.  How about the owner of a small, family-owned auto repair shop or dry-cleaner?  Definitely.

Unfortunately, you can’t just show up on their doorstep and expect them to listen to you babble on about how much money it’s going to take out of their pocket every month.  These people get hounded every day, mostly by amateurs looking to make a buck.  They’re numb.

The telephone is an excellent tool when used correctly.  For example, don’t call up a business owner and say, “Hi, I’m Mike and I’d like to talk to you about protecting your business against liability…”  You’ll quickly hear a dialtone.

Also, study some of the great copywriters (ex: Carlton, Makepeace, etc) and use their proven techniques to grab your prospect’s attention.  Create something written, either a web page or a postcard, that quickly gets the attention of a very narrow target audience.  You only have less than a few seconds to get noticed or end up in the trash.

Whatever you do, DON’T give them your PrePaid Legal business card because it makes you look like a salesman.  Also, don’t do this in person.  Face to face is a very inefficient waste of time, not to mention most businesses have a no soliciting sign.  If you make $500 commission on each deal you close, then face to face is fine.  Since you don’t in Pre-Paid Legal, you have to be more efficient.  You’ll have a much better chance getting in the door using the telephone, the Internet, and/or direct mail …as long as you have the right message.

The important key is in crafting a message to get their attention and get them to take action …and doing that in large numbers.  Real success in marketing boils down to mathematics and integrating a system where you can take advantage of large numbers.

While I certainly don’t believe in the scarcity pumped out by the mass media, times are challenging for small businesses, as they have always been for any small business. I’ve helped many PrePaid Legal Associates get over this hump. Only look for the people who are actively looking for that safety net and forget about everyone else.

Mike Lewitz
Phoenix, AZ USA

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Mike Lewitz is a professional marketer and international speaker who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the globe create abundance in their business through practical, proven marketing techniques. Mike holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Phoenix and is currently working on an MBA at Western International University.

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4 Replies to “How To Sell PrePaid Legal …The Right Way”

  1. It takes time, patience, training, skill, and determination to be successful in any business. I think PrepaidLegal Com is no exception. However, if one dives in with all their desire, they will make good money in Prepaid Legal. I know some people making really good money.

  2. Really awesome article and I agree with all you say, even 4 years later. It’s very hard and disappointing when you prospect for new members, invite them to meetings but they never show up. I do believe that small business are in more need for Legal Shield than individuals so I’m in the process of working that side of the business. Your comment ” You’ll have a much better chance getting in the door using the telephone, the Internet, and/or direct mail …as long as you have the right message.” to me is very true but I have a problem getting the “right message” across. If you have any advice please pass it on…..

    Thank you

  3. Great post here. I believe that focusing in on your target market is ideal! When everyone is a prospect, no one is a prospect. Just my two cents. Using systems and effective marketing to reach large groups of people is quite perhaps the best way to go. Great write up.


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